The Protégé - EBITBRAH
The Protégé - EBITBRAH
The Protégé - EBITBRAH

The Protégé

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$ 19.99 CAD
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$ 15.99 CAD

Public Equity, Private Equity, who knows?

What we do know is that this is an undervalued asset with your fund written all over it.

You won't need a Bloomberg terminal to tell you that this latte chalice is inexpensive relative to peers.

Distributions are coming soon so I'd snag one of these up fast.

Approved by Bridgewater 


Quick F.A.Q

Hit me with some specs...
=White Ceramic
=12oz (0.35l)
=Height / Diameter (inches): 4.01 / 3.70
=Rounded Corners
If my fund has AUM under US$100M, is this still a buy?
=Yes, but only if you've beaten the S&P in the past three years
Will the Trump Administration have any effects on shipping costs/times?
=Shipping is flat. As for specific times, well unfortunately past performance isn't indicative of future results