The Sizeist - EBITBRAH
The Sizeist - EBITBRAH
The Sizeist - EBITBRAH

The Sizeist

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They always say "size doesn't matter, it's about how you use it", but hey, we know you're thinking it.

Long/short equity, distressed debt, merger arbitrage, doesn't matter. What does matter is what you drink out of everyday.

Set a positive example and make the event-driven strategists do a double-take with "The Sizeist". 

Quick F.A.Q

Hit me with some specs...
=Stainless steel
=15 oz (0.44 l)
=Rounded corners
=Black plastic lid
Listen, I'm on the fence here, do you think I could hit my hurdle rate?
=First of all, this chalice is so damn liquid, it makes water look like a pile of dirt
=Second of all, you don't need to be some accredited investor to know this asset mix will be generating absolute returns until your kids, kids have kids