The Opportunist
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The Opportunist

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Attention all Robinhood day traders, this is the fire sale you've been waiting for.

This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill.

Now we know this isn't the dream bankrupt car rental company on your watch list, but if you're looking to speculate and take a chance, this is the mug you need.

Here's the investment thesis: You can buy it. Doesn't that make it a fit for the portfolio? Oh yeah, Carl Icahn is a major investor too. Go search him up when you have some free time during recess


Quick F.A.Q

Hit me with some specs...
=White ceramic
=11 oz (0.33l)
=Height / Diameter (inches): 3.74 / 3.14
=Rounded corners
When picking stocks to buy, what are some indicators I should look for?
=I like to use the Chapter 11 bankruptcy rule. This is the one where you determine whether or not they've filed for bankruptcy and then navigate from there

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Finance Mugs for the Fiscally Irresponsible