The Risk-Taker
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The Risk-Taker

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$ 16.99 CAD
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$ 16.99 CAD
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$ 19.99 CAD
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Looking to fuel growth through strategic acquisitions?

Time to put your CAPEX where your mouth is because this tangible asset is the real deal!

Regardless of whether it's a CDO, CMO or even CLO, you're hungry for action.

Pull together some cash & cash equivalents and lets get some ROIC. Feel me?

Quick F.A.Q

Hit me with some specs...
=White ceramic
=11 oz (0.33l)
=Height / Diameter (inches): 3.74 / 3.14
=Rounded corners
What's the best fundamental metric to assess a company's YoY performance?
=EBITBRAH mug/employee multiples. Also make sure you adjust for any NOLs...
Finance Mugs for the Fiscally Irresponsible